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Why live classes?

Live classes are Bold’s digital alternative to traditional in-person classes. Taught in real-time with our energetic, knowledgeable trainers, our classes can be done from anywhere. Add a live class to your schedule and join the Bold community.

Here’s why you should try a live class:

You can learn modifications in real time.

We’ll show you how you can make an exercise more challenging, like when and where to add weights. Or maybe you’re looking for exercise where you can remain seated in a chair, or not get up and down from the floor. These modifications are possible in our on-demand classes, and also possible in live classes.

Live classes can help with motivation.

When you sign up for a live class and it’s on the calendar, it can be easier to get motivated and show up. Check out our post if you’re interested in learning more about goal setting and sticking to an exercise plan. Attending live classes can be one of the goals you set for yourself.

You’ll get to meet other members of the Bold community.

Even though we’re not physically present in a room together, live classes are a great place to meet other, like-minded people. Remember — you can connect with everyone after class in our Facebook Group!

We’ll talk about balance, mobility, and strength.

These three core areas are incredibly important to our health as we age. Better balance can help reduce our risk of falls, improved mobility can help us stay active, and building strength can help us feel better in our bodies.

We’ll introduce new moves not available on-demand.

Our instructors think of new content and workout moves every week, so each class is different. Plus, live classes can be a great way to discover new stretches, moves or routines you haven’t tried before!

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