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3 key takeaways from balance workouts

You can work on your balance all year round with Bold. Here are 3 things to remember as you keep up your balance workouts:

1. Simple balance assessments go a long way

As you move forward on your balance journey, we recommend you continue to check your balance with Bold Assessments. Research shows that well-validated balance questionnaires like Bold’s, based off of CDC STEADI protocols, are a good indicator of your balance level. You can take an at-home balance test with Bold to measure and understand your progress with preventing falls.

2. Specific balance movements are the best way to prevent falls

Regular physical activity is a great way to prevent falls, but just taking strength and cardio classes won’t give you your best balance. Participating in balance-specific programs is the most effective way to improve your balance recovery abilities and muscle power. We recommend you sprinkle in balance classes into your weekly routine to make the most out of exercise routine.

3. Practice your balance regularly to get the best results

Continued practice is essential to maintaining your balance over time. Studies show that while physical activity can improve balance in the short-term, it is important to keep doing balance exercises in order to sustain your results in the long-term. All the more reason to keep taking classes with Bold. See you in class!