Frequently Asked Questions
All About Bold

What is Bold?

Bold is an at-home digital fitness program designed to help older adults live their strongest, happiest, and healthiest lives. As a member, you’ll enjoy instant access to expert trainers, scientific assessments, and personalized workout plans to help you improve your strength, flexibility, and balance — so you can chase the life you want, at any age.

Who is Bold for?

Bold is for older adults looking for safe and effective workouts designed just for them. If you're 60+ and looking to restore your balance, strength or flexibility, Bold is for you. We offer programs customized for your age, strength and fitness abilities.

How does the Bold training work?

Our at-home digital fitness program provides instant video access to expert trainers and personalized workout plans to help you improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Once you sign up, we'll ask you a few questions and have you take a few quick Bold Tests to build a workout plan tailored to your fitness levels.

You'll receive 2–3 weekly video classes on our website. You can take these whenever and wherever is most convenient for you — all you'll need is your computer, smartphone, or tablet, plus a sturdy chair, water bottle, and open space. Your Bold trainers will take care of the rest!

Why Bold?

Bold was founded to help older adults live vibrant lives full of the activities they love. Whether you’re keeping up with grandkids or hitting the road for that trip you’ve been dreaming of, Bold helps you get — and stay — stronger and more confident.

We’ve designed a unique fitness program rooted in the science of fall prevention, based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control’s STEADI initiative, the National Council on Aging, USC’s Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, and more. 1 in 4 older adults fall every year, resulting in 3 million annual trips to emergency departments for treatment of fall-related injuries — but studies show that regular exercise and balance training, like Tai Chi, can reduce your risk of falls by up to 43%.

At Bold, we’ve built a team of trainers who are experts in active aging. We’ve created workouts that bring the best of personal training, group fitness, yoga, and Tai Chi together in at-home workouts designed to help you improve strength, flexibility, and balance, so you can live Bold and age gracefully.

For more information on how Bold uses science to create its programs, please see our Science page.

What does Bold do with my data?

We take your privacy very seriously! Our engineering team protects your personal fitness information with best-in-class security and privacy practices. We do not sell your data.

What supplies do I need for my Bold training?

You can take Bold classes whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Here's all you'll need:

  • Your computer, smartphone, or tablet, with internet access.
  • An open area. You’ll need a few feet of empty space to move in.
  • A sturdy chair. We recommend using a chair with no wheels and no arms – a basic dining chair works well.
  • A water bottle. Hydration is key!
  • Some classes give you the option of using hand weights or ankle weights. If you’re thinking of purchasing a set, this brand is one of our favorites.

What are Bold Tests?

Bold Tests are simple assessments designed to check your current fitness levels. You’ll be guided through each test in a quick video with one of our expert Trainers.

Our 3 Bold Tests are:

  • Strength: Test your lower body strength by seeing how many times you can go from sitting to standing in 30 seconds.
  • Mobility: See how fast you can get up and move
  • Balance: Test your balance in 4 poses.

These tests were designed for every body, so don't sweat the results! They'll help us create your personalized workout program and let you track your progress.

Can I do Bold with friends?

Your Bold workout program is tailored just for you based on your needs and fitness levels, but friends can help you stay accountable as you build a new routine. You can invite your friends to try Bold at

All about Balance, Strength, and Healthy Aging

How often should I work out?

The World Health Organization recommends about 150 minutes of physical activity each week for most adults, and the AARP has found that exercising 3+ hours each week can lead to a 39% reduction in falls — however, we recommend chatting with your doctor for a personal recommendation based on your age, health, overall fitness levels, and more.

Bold’s 12-week program offers a customized set of 2–3 new 30-minute classes each week. These classes focus on strength, flexibility, and balance. You’ll also have unlimited access to the Bold video library, so you can take your favorite classes whenever you’d like. Activities like walking or biking are a great complement to your Bold classes!

How do I know if I’m at risk for a fall?

As we get older, falls become more likely. According to the CDC, “more than one out of four people 65 and older falls each year, and over 3 million are treated in emergency departments annually for fall injuries.” (via CDC) We always recommend chatting with your doctor about your risk factors, but certain things can make you more likely to fall, including having fallen once before, being on certain medications that make you dizzy, and not exercising.

Falls are tough to talk about, but the good news is that fitness and balance training can help significantly reduce your risk of falling. If you’re looking to increase your balance, strength, and mobility because you’ve got falls on your mind, you’re in the right place. Check out a Bold Test today to see how you’re doing, and talk with a doctor about your personal health history.

Why is fitness important for older adults?

Fitness helps older adults stay strong, active, and healthy so they can continue living the life they want, at any age.

While any consistent exercise routine can be beneficial for overall health, Bold focuses on exercises that help you improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Investing in strength and flexibility helps ensure that you can keep doing the things you love for longer, while balance training is a key element of fall prevention. Millions of older adults fall each year, but studies show that balance training — like Tai Chi — can reduce your risk of falls by up to 43%.

At Bold, we’ve built a team of trainers who are experts in active aging. We’ve created workouts rooted in exercise science, bringing the best of personal training, group fitness, yoga, and Tai Chi together in a unique at-home fitness program designed to help you live Bold and age gracefully.

What should I do if I fall?

If you’ve fallen and can’t get up, please call 911 immediately. After any fall, always talk with your doctor.

Where can I learn more about fitness?

We’re so glad that you’re excited to #LiveBold! Here are some great ways to continue the conversation and learn more about fitness, healthy aging, and investing in your 100-year-self:

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How do I get in touch with support?

You can reach us via email at Prefer to chat over the phone or text message? We’re available from 10am–5pm Pacific Time at 650-381-1395.