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It’s fitness. It’s science. It’s Bold.

Falls are a tough topic to talk about but an even tougher one to ignore. Bold's fitness classes are rooted in the science of fall prevention to help you build for the future and live your strongest, healthiest life.

Falls are common…

Over 1 in 3 older adults falls each year, and it can be too easy to keep quiet about falls—less than half of older adults who fall each year tell their doctor.

…But preventable.

Studies show that regular exercise and balance training — like Tai Chi — can reduce your risk of falls by up to 43%.

Aging is inevitable. Getting weaker doesn't have to be.

Most older adults experience a 30% loss in muscle mass between ages 50–70. But Bold is here to help you beat those odds. Strength training can reverse muscle loss, leading to stronger and healthier aging.

We have the power to change how we age

Bold classes combine research-backed principles with engaging, expert trainers for a fitness community built to last. Here's how it works:


Test yourself.

Bold's signature Balance, Strength and Mobility Tests are based on functional assessments used by physicians, therapists and personal trainers to determine physical fitness and identify areas of concern, like an increased risk of falling.

At Bold, we've made it easy for members to measure and track their progress over time.


Unlock your personalized plan.

We’ll design an 12–week fitness program built just for you and your goals. Each week, Bold’s expert trainers will guide you through approachable video workouts, delivered right to your inbox.


Start moving and stay Bold.

Bold classes are specifically designed to improve balance, strength, and mobility with safe and effective exercises that help prevent falls and let you keep doing the things you love for longer — so you can chase the life you want, at any age!

Dive into a free Bold Test today