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Improve your health with Bold’s science-based programs

Why choose science-based exercise programs?

Tested and proven

Bold’s team looks at the leading research and evidence around how certain exercises provide specific benefits to our mind and bodies as we age. We use this science to create smart programs that are tested and proven to impact your health.


Bold trainers know how to modify exercises to accomodate health and mobility conditions, so every members can succeed at hitting their goals. By offering variations of exercises in formats, such as seated or standing, everyone can participate and improve their health.

Built by experts

Each Bold class is led by a certified exercise instructor experienced in working with adults over 50. Bold trainers know which exercise movements are best for improving balance, strength, and mobility and how to modify exercises depending on age and health.

Get better results

With Bold programs, you can expect to see and feel a difference within a few weeks of following your recommended program. Since every program is built on the best-in-class research, you can trust that you will get results, whether it is better balance, less pain, or more energy and mobility. Read more about benefits below.

Bold specialty program benefits

Fall prevention

Over 1 in 3 older adults fall each year. However, most are preventable. Studies show that certain types of exercises — like Tai Chi — can help boost and condition balance.

Individuals who complete Bold’s unique Balance & Fall Prevention programs have improved their balance and strength and reduced falls by 46%.


Over 30 million Americans live with arthritis, which is also a leading cause of disability. Science-based exercises for arthritis can reduce pain and increase mobility, function and quality of life by up to 40%.

Bold’s Healthy Joints program used this research to create a special program for members with arthritis. Members report less pain and more energy in a matter of weeks.

Sedentary lifestyle

Most of adults in the U.S. lead sedentary lifestyles, and lack of physical activity can be a risk factor for obesity, type-2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease. Juggling life responsibilities can make it challenging to exercise and be active.

Bold has worked with leading behavioral scientists to develop programs that are easy to start and easy to stick-to. Bold Members are able to 2x their amount of activity within 3 months.

Bold members get results

Our members come from all walks of life, but have found common ground with improving their health through Bold.

Susan L.

Bouncing back with Bold from psoriatic arthririts.

Gary M.

Starting exercise for the first time in your 70’s with multiple chronic conditions.

Kay R.

Improving balance and reducing fall risk with Bold.

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