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4 reasons to exercise with others over the holidays

Consider taking an exercise class together, or helping a loved one get set up for exercise, while you’re home for the holidays.

For those of us meeting our families and friends — we suggest adding some physical activity to your holiday festivities. Not only does staying active during the winter help us feel better in our bodies (thank you endorphins!) — but talking about exercise routines, or getting set up to try exercise at home— can also help. Read on for Bold’s recommendations on why you should incorporate exercise into your holiday season.

1. Help others get set up with technology

There are many benefits of online exercise programs — like being able to exercise anytime and at home. To get started with an online exercise program like Bold, you typically need to create an account. 

If you have a friend or family member who’s interested in online exercise, but needs some help setting up their account or writing down their password — that’s a great thing to help out with, between football games and parades.

Once you do get set up with an account — you won’t need to dream up your own exercises or routines. At Bold, we teach guided programs as short as two weeks and as long as 12 weeks, so you can decide what length is right for you.

2. Try a short fitness assessment together

There are very few ways to measure your health without a trip to a doctors’ office, or expensive online testing kits. But if you’ve ever wondered how your balance or strength stacks up to people in your age group, give it a try this holiday season. You might be surprised by your results! Bold will recommend classes based on your results so you can improve or maintain where you are.

3. Experience joy through movement

“Physical activity can get our endorphins flowing, it makes us feel good and happier,” Alicia Rios, Bold’s head trainer, says. “When you’re physically active or perform regular exercises, you can improve your energy, mood, self-confidence, and sleep, and decrease the likelihood of symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress. This allows you to face life and hard conversational topics with confidence, and a more optimistic/clear mind.” 

To maximize the benefits of mental health, experts recommend 30 minutes or more a day of exercise, 3–5 times a week. But even exercising for 10–15 minutes if that’s all you have to spare, can make a difference.

4. Get to know people better

Take a poll around the dinner table, or find 20 minutes after exchanging gifts to invite anyone who’s interested to take a short online class with you. Maybe a family member or friend you don’t know as well will be down to try it — so it’s a good way to get to know them better. It’s fine if not everyone wants to participate. Workouts can still be a lot of fun with 1–2 people! 

Wishing everyone health and happiness this holiday season!