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5 sports that benefit older adults

There’s a common misconception that once you’re older, you can’t participate in sports. In reality, sports can be played by anyone, regardless of your age. In fact, there are lots of great benefits to participating in sports as you age. Sports are a great way to be physically active, and they can boost  your health and wellbeing. Here are 5 sports that benefit older adults:

  1. Golf

    Golf has many cardiovascular benefits due to the amount of walking on the course. The movement of the golf swing can help with mobility, hand-eye coordination, and strength. Other benefits include improved cognitive function, socialization, and high levels of Vitamin D.

  2. Pickleball

    Pickleball is played on a smaller court than tennis, so it involves less running, and is easier on the knees which can benefit older adults. It also has social benefits, since you can play in pairs or against another person. Pickleball can also help with hand-eye coordination and balance, which can lower fall risk. As a form of cardio exercise, it can also boost the cardiovascular system which can help prevent stroke and heart attacks.

  3. Tennis

    It’s shown that playing tennis can lead to greater bone density in specific areas and can increase strength. Tennis has also been found to lower your chance of developing various heart diseases, and can help keep your mind active.

  4. Bowling

    Bowling helps to develop balance and strength. It’s also a full-body workout, so it can boost blood circulation throughout your body.

  5. Swimming

    Swimming has been found to lead to lower blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of heart and lung disease. It can also help with mobility and flexibility. Swimming keeps pressure off of your hips, knees and spine, which also helps to lower risk of injury. It can also help reduce stress and improve brain function.

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