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Bold program for healthy joints

Joint stiffness holding you back from starting an exercise routine? Join the Healthy Joints program to gradually build strength and mobility in a way that feels good. Alicia is a kinesiologist and specialist in exercise programming for older adults, and she has created this enjoyable, joint-friendly and easy to follow program for the Bold community.

What to Expect

Through short 20-minute classes, Alicia introduces a series of exercises in standing and on-the-floor positions, which all focus on creating mobility, flexibility, and strength throughout the joints in your body. In the first few classes Alicia introduces each movement and exercise to show you how to do it safely and effectively. As you move through the program, Alicia introduces a variety of exercises to keep things interesting. 

Alicia has also added a cardiovascular component to this Healthy Joints Program, to reduce stiffness by encouraging better blood flow and to reduce stress by releasing feel-good endorphins. 

The Healthy Joints Program was created for everybody who feels like they need to ease into an exercise routine due to joint pain or has joint stiffness and hopes to move and strengthen their body in a way that feels safe and good.

How to Get Started

Interested in trying Alicia’s Healthy Joints program? Reach out to Team Bold at