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How to set up an at-home workout space

With Bold, you don’t need an at-home workout studio with pricey equipment– you can take a Bold class from anywhere. Our Bold members take classes everywhere from bedrooms, to kitchens, to living rooms.

While establishing an at-home workout space can be daunting, we’ve broken it down into a few easy steps. Follow our instructions to jump-start your at-home workout routine with Bold:

1. Choose an open area

Most Bold classes include bodyweight movements with minimal equipment, so don’t require a large area. We recommend choosing an area of at least 6 feet by 6 feet for all classes so that you can move your arms and legs. For yoga or cardio classes, a larger space may be required to fully participate in the workout programs. We suggest choosing an area with open space, or easily movable furniture.

2. Optimize your space

Determine how you can best adapt to your space. It is important to take into account the temperature and ventilation in your exercise space in order to prevent overheating. If your living space allows, pick a cool environment close to a fan or air conditioning, and open doors and windows to maximize airflow if you feel too hot. If you like standing workouts, choose a space with tall ceilings so that you can reach over your head with ease.

3. Set up your equipment

Orient your space so that you can easily see your electronic device. Use a nearby chair, couch, bench, table, or counter to house your device so that you can take Bold classes without strain. Choose a place with storage space for your mat, hand weights, and workout bands so that they are easily accessible for your routine. Keep your space tidy to prevent injury and distraction.

4. Decide on your exercise schedule

Determine the frequency of your workouts, and mark your calendar to hold yourself accountable. If you are new to the fitness world, start with shorter, low-impact workouts and gradually work your way up.

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