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What’s a science-backed workout?

Welcome! We’re here to be your healthy aging coach – encouraging you to get moving and providing you with the exercises to get stronger and improve your balance. Ready to go? Watch the video below from our head trainer, Alicia:

Programs backed by science

Bold’s team of expert trainers, kinesiologists, and researchers have built each program using exercises that are proven to boost balance and prevent falls. The classes incorporate Tai Chi and lower body strength training moves to restore and condition your balance.

Each week of your program, you’ll receive a set of fresh classes. Over a series of weeks, the exercises will gradually become more challenging — because it is important to challenge your balance in order to improve it!

Note: If you love working out, that’s great, but you don’t need any prior fitness experience to complete your program successfully.

Start with an assessment

Before you get started or within a few days of starting the program, we strongly encourage you to try a Bold Balance, Mobility or Strength assessment.

See how your results compare to other individuals your same age. Over time, you can track your own improvement too.

Take your first class

Now it’s time for you to start moving!

If you’re already logged into your Bold account, click ‘Program’ at the top of your screen. If you’re not logged in, click ‘Sign in’ in the upper right of your screen, and then ‘Program.’ Then, select the first class and follow your Bold trainer!

After just one class, many members report feeling better and even happier thanks to those exercise-induced endorphins.

See you in class!