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Meet Dr. Sarah Silverman: Sleep health and wellness expert

Dr. Sarah Silverman is a Stanford-trained sleep psychologist, holistic sleep wellness consultant, and insomnia expert with over a decade of experience. She earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Health Psychology and received specialized fellowship training in Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) from the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center.

BSM “is an expanding area of sleep psychology that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders by addressing behavioral, psychological, and physiological factors that interfere with sleep” (via the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (SBSM)). Dr. Sarah is one of less than 500 sleep psychologists in the US. Because quality sleep is essential for optimal health, yet millions of Americans suffer from sleep problems, Dr. Sarah decided to pursue this speciality area and make it her mission to help others improve their sleep using non-medication strategies.

Dr. Sarah treats a wide variety of sleep problems in private practice using a personalized, mindfulness-based treatment approach. Notably, she is an expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for insomnia (CBTi), the first-line, drug-free treatment for adults with chronic insomnia. CBTi is an effective way to improve sleep naturally and overcome insomnia without medication. Additionally, her interests encompass insomnia and sleep apnea management in women and older adults.

Dr. Sarah is passionate about sleep health and wellness and routinely provides science-backed sleep tips via social media @drsarahsleep. She has some exciting announcements this year including a signature insomnia program for women who want to overcome sleep difficulties without sleep aids.

To find a behavioral sleep specialist near you, visit the SBSM’s provider directory and click on your state for a list of qualified providers.