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Meet Paula: Retired teacher who loves yoga, and has improved her balance since joining Bold

Prefer to listen?

What’s your age? 


Where do you live? 

New York State, just outside NYC. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I am a retired teacher. I like reading and I like cruises, even though I haven’t gone on one in two years now! I also enjoy being with people and being involved with things.

What were you doing for exercise before joining Bold?

Salsa dancing, walking two miles a day, and yoga! I had been taking classes at my union, traveling to the Bronx which is 40 minutes away. However, the drive was getting too much for me; with the heavy traffic and all. 

How did you first hear about Bold? 

From Facebook! I’ve found some interesting websites through Facebook. It was a lucky day when I discovered the Age Bold site. I saw an advertisement for balance classes, and I thought to myself: I think I need that. They let me in to do it. 

Where do you take classes with Bold at?  

In my office room where I have a computer. 

Do you have a favorite class or instructor?

I find all the instructors very caring, especially when you do the live classes. My favorite is the chair Yoga with Alison, and I really like classes with Alicia. Kelsey is a very compassionate person. She has helped guide me to Bold activities that would be good for me. I especially enjoy the live classes because you can talk to people and trainers so they can answer your questions. I like the slower classes that stress certain parts of your body rather than jumping around.  

Have you noticed any improvements in your fitness? 

My balance! And enhancements to my overall wellbeing, now that I’m doing the exercises. I know it’s just something I can turn on and do. I have some medical issues and it’s helping me get through these things.

These exercises are for people who are older, which is especially beneficial. I think classes where everyone is much younger are difficult because they can do things I can’t do any longer. This is good for me because I can handle most of these exercises, and I’m not afraid to try them. I would be nervous in classes where I’m not sure if I could, or even should, try them. However, the Bold program already takes into account age, muscle tone and bone condition of senior citizens. 

How often do you take classes? 

I try to take classes on Wednesdays and then maybe two other times during the week. I try to do Age Bold as much as possible and I like the fact that they are half hour classes and that everything is online so I can do it when I want to. I still continue my daily walks.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from Bold that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

There are so many things that I can do to prevent myself from falling that I’ve learned through the classes. Mostly from the twelve sessions of balance classes. Some of the balance classes incorporated my knee exercises, which my physical therapist had given me to strengthen the muscles surrounding my knees. The classes taught me how to prevent, or catch, myself from falling. Women tend to have problems with balance. 

What would you say to people who are considering taking classes with Bold? 

I think people should be happy that the classes are half an hour to 40 minutes which is ideal when planning a schedule around the classes. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the physical body, especially in the live classes — being able to talk to a trainer. You can tell them what problems you’re having and they can add it into the program. That’s what I call customization. There’s also a wide variety of programs, which focus on different issues, to choose from. 

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