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Bold program for mindful movement

Looking for a way to bust aches and pains, tone muscle, and improve your posture? Look no further — we’ve created a new Mindful Movement program just for you. 

Meet Kerri Campbell, a seasoned Pilates instructor and faculty member for Fletcher Pilates, who owns a fitness studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Kerri has created a program of pilates-inspired classes designed to be safe and effective low-impact workouts for Bold. 

What to expect

In these short (10–20 minute) classes, Kerri introduces a series of exercises in seated, standing and on-the-floor positions, which all focus on improving posture and alignment in your body. 

In addition to guiding each move, Kerri also shares her expert wisdom on how to breathe while exercising. 

Pilates has shown positive effects for pain, strength and flexibility. Practicing these exercises can help build a mind-body connection and increase awareness of how your body moves. The intention of this Mindful Movement program is to help you feel better, move better, and age better. 

How to get started

Interested in trying Kerri’s new Mindful Movement program? Reach out to Team Bold at