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What’s the difference between Bold Basic and Bold Premium?

Here at Bold, we want all members to try Bold risk-free for 14 days. No credit card or payment needed. We want you to decide if Bold is right for you, without the pressure of committing to a plan.

That means when you sign up for Bold, you’ll have access to Bold Premium for 14 days — our gift to you! Bold Premium is your premier destination for healthy aging, with hundreds of classes and unique programs all designed specifically for older adults. 

After 14 days, your membership will downgrade to a Bold Basic membership if you don’t opt-in to continue Bold Premium. With Bold Basic, you’ll still have access to Bold, but to a limited selection of classes. 

That means — we never charge or bill you for Bold Premium unless you decide to upgrade your membership. No surprise upgrades or charges. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Bold Premium includes: 

  • Hundreds of classes led by expert trainers
  • Personalized plans based on your current fitness level and goals
  • Daily LIVE classes taught by expert Bold trainers 
  • Education classes with healthy aging experts

Bold Basic includes: 

  • Limited selection of Bold on-demand classes

Interested in joining either Bold Basic or Bold Premium? Sign up, or sign in to change your membership plan. No credit card required. See you in class!