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5 Bold workouts to pair with your walking routine

As the summer continues and the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, our members are beginning to get back to doing the things they love, like walking. 

Here are five Bold classes you can pair with your walking routine for a well rounded exercise regimen. You can take these classes on days you don’t walk, or add them to days you do. 

1. Be Bold warm up with Chris (7 minutes)

This quick and delightful class will help you feel loose and ready to move when you only have a few minutes. You can take this class before a walk to warm up or before another Bold class.

2. Lengthen and strengthen with Sarah (23 minutes)

Breath in, stretch out. This yoga-inspired class will stretch your limbs and leave you feeling refreshed, especially after a walk. 

3. Strengthen and condition with Jill and Glen (10 minutes)

Choose to engage in this invigorating strength and conditioning class from the seated or standing position. 

4. Seated morning moves with Amanda (16 minutes)

For a fully seated workout option, try this quick and easy to follow seated workout with Amanda in the morning to get your day off to a great start. 

5. Guided meditation with Alison (10 minutes)

Take this class that focuses on your breathing to help relax you and clear your mind for the rest of your day.

How to find these classes on Bold

Once logged in to your Bold account, click ‘Explore’ on the top of your screen.

screen shot 2023 01 30 at 11 45 41 am

Once on the Explore page, you can either:

  • Click on the word “Trainers” to find the class by the trainer name, or
  • Type the class title into the “Search box” and press enter on your keyboard to find the class

screen shot 2023 01 30 at 11 44 59 am

Having trouble finding the classes or have questions about Bold? Email us at

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