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15 minute cardio and mobility workout

Here’s how to prepare for the class:

  • Make sure you have some clear space to move freely. If you want to use props like light weights or a chair to hold onto, make sure you have those items nearby.

  • Make sure you can see your computer, tv, tablet or phone from where you will be taking class.

  • If you have questions or want help with any of this set up, just send an email to and someone from our team will follow up with you.

New to Bold?

Bold offers researched-based exercise programs you can take at home to improve your balance, flexibility and strength. Read more about Bold here!

Meet Alicia Estrada, Bold Trainer

Alicia is a kinesiologist and personal trainer With over a decade of experience leading fitness programs at luxury retirement communities in Northern California. Alicia also specializes in strength and conditioning for rehabilitation, and her classes offer a mix of challenging and creative exercises. Why is Alicia passionate about Bold? “Bold is about going beyond where we are today and creating the future that we want to live in.”