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Bold at Home Together: 10 minute chair sit-up workout

We’re excited to work out with you during our Bold At Home Together: 10 minute chair sit-up workout live class. The class will start at . You’ll watch the class through the below – it will “go live” a few minutes before class begins.

Note: if by you do not see a live video below, please refresh the page & click the play button to get started!

Here’s how to prepare for the class:

  • Add the workout to your calendar – that makes it easy to remember to show up and get moving!

  • Make sure you have some clear space to move freely. If you want to use props like light weights or a chair to hold onto, make sure you have those items nearby.

  • Make sure you can see your computer, tv, tablet or phone from where you will be taking class.

  • If you have questions or want help with any of this set up, just send an email to and someone from our team will follow up with you.

New to Bold?

Bold offers researched-based exercise programs you can take at home to improve your balance, flexibility and strength. Read more about Bold here!

Meet Amanda Rees, Co-Founder

Amanda is a movement expert who specializes in working with individuals who have mobility limitations. Amanda’s energy is contagious and her talents are many. She is certified in yoga, tai chi and dance instruction... and serves as Bold’s Co-Founder!