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Where to find Healthspan at HLTH 2023

HLTH, which is being held from October 8-11 in Las Vegas, is one of the healthcare industry’s largest annual conferences, with more than 10,000 attendees and 100+ panels across 6 different stages. In other words, it’s big, and for the busy attendee, sifting through all that content to find the 2 or 3 (or 5) panels to attend can be a challenge.

This year, HLTH is also putting a noteworthy focus on topics related to aging and prevention — and for good reason. According to the U.S. Census, the population of Americans over 65 will surpass that of those under 18 by 2034.

For HLTH attendees looking to improve quality of life while reducing cost of care — healthspan up, health spend down — our team has selected the 5 panels not to be missed.

  1. The Cost of Prevention – Monday, October 9 – 2:00–2:50 pm – Earth Stage

    Millions of Americans spend years in poor and declining health brought on by falls, pain, and other chronic conditions, representing a growing disconnect between longevity and quality of life. A focus on prevention has long been raised, not only for the obvious benefits to people’s well-being, but also because as costs balloon across the healthcare system, preventing the harshest outcomes is also increasingly seen as the surest way to reduce total cost of care. This panel, which features innovative leaders from Elevance Health, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Scripps Health, and Amazon, delves into the financial and organizational levers that might enable a preventive healthcare system to take off.

  2. The Medicare Management Balance Beam – Tuesday, October 10 – 11:50–12:30 pm – Sun Stage

    This powerhouse panel featuring the CEOs of Ochsner Health Network and Uno Health and the Chief Medical Officers of CareMax and CVS Health is perfectly poised for a conversation on tradeoffs: the challenge for Medicare players in providing sustained quality improvements to members while growing membership and reducing overall costs. 

  3. The Uncomfortable Truth about Death – Sunday, October 8 – 1:00–1:50 pm – Ocean Stage

    As The Lancet has said, “dying is expensive in America” — expenditures from public and private payers stretch beyond $80,000 in the last year of a person’s life. This discussion with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the end-of-life space will touch on how to innovate with compassion for both patients and caregivers. Featuring speakers from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Compassus, Guaranteed and Carallel.

  4. 30 Going on 13 – Tuesday, October 10 – 2:10–2:50 pm – Moon Stage

    Bold investor Abby Miller Levy of Primetime Partners moderates this discussion with a diverse group of longevity science leaders considering a wide variety of approaches to promoting healthy aging.

  5. Fitness as a Therapeutic – Tuesday, October 10 – 3:00–3:50 pm – Earth Stage

    Few interventions cut across as many health challenges as exercise, which has been shown to effectively manage or mitigate 4 in 5 of the costliest chronic conditions for adults over 50. The trouble is access — and adherence — particularly for older adults, those who live in rural areas, and those with mobility issues. During this panel moderated by Taryn Jones Laeben of IRL Ventures, Bold Co-founder and CEO Amanda Rees will share how Bold is driving outcomes at scale through a focus on creating highly engaging, personalized programs to support the healthy aging goals of older adults everywhere.

Interested in bringing Bold to your membership? Visit our partnerships page to learn more about working with Bold and schedule a demo of our healthy aging platform.